23 April 2013

Black, white and neon

blazer: second-hand store
sequins skirt, t-shirt, transparent clutch, necklace: DIY
bracelet: Diva
boots: Maison Martin Margiela for H&M

22 April 2013

Smoked out

"my heart is smoked out"
illustration by Manona Che
photoshop, computer mouse

16 April 2013

Dima Neu - love at first sight!

В платья Димы Неу я влюбилась с первого взгляда! 
Это случилось еще тогда, когда они висели на вешалочках в маленькой прокуренной комнатке. Здесь готовились к своему финальному выходу участницы организованного мной конкурса Enjoy Night Star! Дима согласился предоставить для конкурса вещи из своей новой коллекции, чему я безмерно благодарна! Девочки были сногшибательны в его нарядах! Затем я посмотрела видеоотчет с Mercedes-Benz Fashion week... и мое сердце растаяло окончательно! Димка, ты гений!

photoshoot for DIMA NEU - the winner of the first season of Russian MTV's 'Project Runway'
photo by Manona Che
style (look, makeup, hair) Dima Neu

13 April 2013

People are porcupines

illustration by Manona Che
photoshop, computer mouse 

Arthur Schopenhauer created a parable about the dilemma faced by porcupines in cold weather. He described a “company of porcupines” who “crowded themselves very close together one cold winter’s day so as to profit by one another’s warmth and so save themselves from being frozen to death. But soon they felt one another’s quills, which induced them to separate again.” And so on. The porcupines were “driven backwards and forwards from one trouble to the other,” until they found “a mean distance at which they could most tolerably exist.”

11 April 2013

Finalists of Enjoy Night Star contest

photo by Manona Che
makeup, hairs by Julia Sineokaya (visit website)

09 April 2013